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July 2014
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This week on The Breakdown, Richard breaks down the week's biggest economic and political developments--from how government austerity is keeping unemployment high to the latest on the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election.

In the news clips, this week Mayor Bloomberg announced a new program banning large-sized soda. The benevolence of the Mayor's dictatorship is continuing, and it means that you can't carry a 20 ounce Dr. Pepper. Richard also examined the upcoming gubernatorial recall election in Wisconsin. Governor Scott Walker has a plan to divide and conquor the unions, forgetting that the union members are citizens and taxpayers of the state of Wisconsin as well. Richard also addressed the jobs report and President Obama's reaction to it, and how the GOP controlled Congress has done nothing to return construction workers back to work.

Richard spoke with David Dayen of firedoglake about the economic climate, including a conversation about the direction the government should take, echoing the concern about the Democrat's lack of a good economics plan. While the Republican's economic plan is extreme, when compared against no economic plan it may win out.

Speaking of the Wisconsin recall election, which is taking place Tuesday, June 5th, we have interviews this week with Melissa Ryan of the New Organizing Institute, who is on the ground in Wisconsin for the election, as well as Amanda Terkel of the Huffington Post, who has been covering the election. They offer some very interesting insights into the election and how Scott Walker has been undermining the livehoods of his constituents.

To wrap up this week's episode of The Breakdown, Richard had an opportunity to talk to two leaders of the Home Defenders. The Home Defenders are organizing homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages. Since 15.7 million homeowners owe more on their homes than they paid for them, this is a huge political block that could have a loud voice in the upcoming election.

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